Revisiting Biju Patnaik on Digital Platform

Biju Patnaik. The name reconnects Odisha – yesterday, today and tomorrow. This towering personality has an influence over the state and people after decades of his demise. Millions of Odias love to be identified with this man with a mission. He is such an icon who has a footprint across the globe on the band of time.

In his life time Biju Patnaik, popularly known as ‘Biju Babu’, has not only dreamt of a glorious Odisha, but also contributed immensely for the all round development of the land. A person who was passionate about two things “Kalinga” and “Sri Jagannath”.

The land Kalinga, the ancient name of Odisha, has its indelible mark on Biju Babu’s life and action. His every initiative was directly or indirectly associated with Kalinga. He was one among the key architects of Modern Odisha.

Biju Babu was always giving importance to the social, cultural, economic, scientific and industrial uplift of the state. Interestingly he is one of the rare personality of the country who was a king and also a king maker. As a two time Chief Minister of Odisha, he had visualized and pioneered a bigger picture of Odisha which became an important instrument in making of modern Odisha.

As a frontline freedom fighter and politician he has played vital roles in the national politics covering both pre and post-independence era. He was a rare Odia politician who had gone to a significant level in the national and international arena. People from all walks of life loved Biju Babu, and remembering him today, as their friend, philosopher and guide.

05th March 2016, a date of remembrance. This is the Birth Centenary of Biju Patnaik. In his lifetime Biju Babu had given a lot to the society. Now it is the turn of the Biju-lovers to pay tribute to this Visionary leader of the century.

OdishaLIVE; the first web channel network of Odisha and an innovative digital media platform of the country, has taken a step forward to commemorate this historic occasion. As a 360₀ media initiative on the birth centenary of Biju Patnaik, this dedicated digital platform and website has been developed.

On the occasion OdishaLIVE has planned to launch a series of communication programmes and events. It includes a Conclave, a bilingual publication and a souvenir calendar etc. Especially, the souvenir calendar carries rare photographs of Biju Babu most of which are collected from Information and Public Relations Dept., Govt. of Odisha and Mr. Aneel Mishra, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Eastern Press Agency (EPA).

Along with the above OdishaLIVE has created an occasion to recollect the multifaceted personality of Biju Babu through the eyes of a painter. The paintings, created by Professor Baladev Maharatha, an eminent artist of contemporary Odisha, shall be a special tribute to the legend on his birth centenary.

Similarly, in the photo gallery of this website every visitor will have the opportunity to get a glimpse of some of the rarest of the rare photographs of the son of the soil. This is a platform to connect a great leader of yesterday with the generation today and tomorrow.

This website is going to create a first of its kind digital history on the great leader – Biju Patnaik. On a single platform one can find research based articles and memoirs on Biju Babu especially in the form of texts, articles, sound bites, photographs and videos etc. Here you will find writers, thinkers, politicians, industrialists, journalists, artists, political analysts and some of the close associates of Biju Patnaik narrating their own story with Biju Babu. Perhaps, this is going to be the only place where once can experience Biju Patnaik through different perspectives.

Further if you have any personal memory with Biju Babu or have any photograph or video please do share with us so that it can reach a larger audience through this platform. You can write to us and share information and feedback at info@bijupatnaik.org.

Nilambar Rath
Editorial Director